Development Roadmap

Our Mission

The goal of Polkacast is to solve the hosting, distribution, and profitability problems encountered after the creation of podcasts. It combines IPFS and edge computing to balance the entire network transmission and bandwidth pressure and uses Substrate to develop the Polkacast protocol to reduce infrastructure construction…


In the WEB 3.0 era, every user should enjoy independent governance, voting, and freedom. The blockchain protocol should be upgradable, unforkable, and permissionless in the age of fully decentralized blockchain protocols. It should also have an open source governance model, and any individual who enters this protocol has the freedom…

podcast timeline

Podcasting is a form of digital media in which a list of audio, video, electronic radio stations, or text files is released on the Internet, and listeners subscribe to the list using electronic devices to download or stream the electronic files in it, thereby receiving the content. …

PolkaCast Protocol Overview

PolkaCast is a protocol network that was built and developed using Substrate, IPFS, smart contracts, and WASM technologies. PolkaCast offers a high degree of community autonomy, unified network and other features. …


The Decentralization Podcasts Protocol & Ep NFT for Creators.

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