Introduction to PolkaCast

PolkaCast Protocol Overview

PolkaCast is a protocol network that was built and developed using Substrate, IPFS, smart contracts, and WASM technologies. PolkaCast offers a high degree of community autonomy, unified network and other features. In addition to its own protocol for access, the PolkaCast protocol also provides basic podcast hosting BaaS platform, Web Dapp, Social Dapp, PolkaCast podcatcher, and decentralized smart speaker.

In addition to using the platform’s own services, any user or developer may build their own independent Dapp by connecting directly to the PolkaCast protocol’s SDK or NPM.

The PolkaCast protocol aims to provide podcast creators with an easy, fast, simple, and profitable podcast ecosystem by enabling community autonomy, token economy, independent advertisement pricing, EP NFT, privacy security, paid subscription, free social networking, and other features.

PolkaCast Protocol Innovations

PoS+PoC dual consensus mechanism. PoS maintains node security and governance. CAST token holders can make a proposal to amend the PolkaCast protocol. The PoC consensus uses smart contracts to force the fair distribution of tokens to podcast creators and incentivize users in the ecosystem.

Dual-token economics mechanism. The PolkaCast Protocol uses dual coins: “CAST” and “CTAPE”. CAST maintains network and data synchronization. CAST is used to build and elect node, transfer security, referendum, DAC staking rewards, and cross-chain interoperability. Podcast creators and audiences in the PolkaCast ecosystem use CTAPE to make the payment.

Dual DAO governance, every user in the PolkaCast Protocol ecosystem is part of the DAO, the composition of DAO: “DAC” and “DAU”, DAC and DAU carry out a two-way restriction to balance the entire protocol network. In the blockchain space, there is a trilemma, that is “decentralization”, “security”, and “ scalability” can not be achieve at the same time. Nevertheless, the dual DAO governance and dual-token consensus model proposed by PolkaCast Protocol will improve the trilemma to its maximization. Trusted nodes are formed by DAC election within the cycle, all PoS nodes will ultimately be composed of 1,000 or more trusted DAC nodes to ensure the node security. The Substrate Frame consensus protocol — BABE+GRANDPA is used to ensure network synchronization. When the network achieves synchronization and block confirmation, smart contracts and PoC consensus are used to force the fair distribution of token rewards.


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