PolkaCast: Governance Model


In the WEB 3.0 era, every user should enjoy independent governance, voting, and freedom. The blockchain protocol should be upgradable, unforkable, and permissionless in the age of fully decentralized blockchain protocols. It should also have an open source governance model, and any individual who enters this protocol has the freedom to make proposals. As a result, a full blockchain protocol should be like the Declaration of Independence, with various types of legislative, administrative, and judicial governance and controls, allowing the PolkaCast Protocol to be regulated more robustly and openly.

6.1 What is dual DAO governance?

The acronym DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. DAO in the PolkaCast protocol is made up of both DAC and DAU. Every new podcast creator is a member of the DAO, which is known here as a Decentralized Autonomous Creator (DAC). The DAC is determined by Decentralized Autonomous Creator (DAU), which is the number of active users who have entered this DAC. If the current DAC adheres to the smart contract model, it is designated as one of the nominee DACs. At this time, the DAC will apply to become one of the nodes and stake a certain amount of CAST. Following the analysis, the staked CAST will be linearly released and returned to the DAC node, and throughout the loop, all nominee DAC nodes will be polled and picked.

The dual DAO governance model has the advantage of not forming a single monopoly of rights. Each of the DAO’s DACs and DAUs holds CAST tokens, which means that each PolkaCast user has the right and duty to question, refuse, and substitute the proposal.

6.2 PolkaCast Governance

6.2.1 DAC Node

6.2.2 Technical Committee

6.2.3 Supervision Committee

6.2.4 Freelancer

Any PolkaCast Protocol ecosystem CAST token holder can use their CAST tokens to do the following in the PolkaCast ecosystem:

Make a referendum proposal.

Vote in all current referendums.

DAC node selection and rejection.

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