Polkacast Roadmap & Mission

Development Roadmap

Our Mission

The goal of Polkacast is to solve the hosting, distribution, and profitability problems encountered after the creation of podcasts. It combines IPFS and edge computing to balance the entire network transmission and bandwidth pressure and uses Substrate to develop the Polkacast protocol to reduce infrastructure construction and allow the team to have more Pay more attention to the business and scenarios while avoiding the problem of blockchain forks.

Use dual currencies to solve the impossible triangle problem of the blockchain, ensure node security while increasing TPS, maximize the utility of the blockchain network, and enhance user interaction experience.

Encourage participants in the ecosystem such as developers, creators, nodes, users, etc. through Stacking and CastEdge mining, Use dual DAO governance to restrain and restrict the internal balance of the ecology, through public voting, governance, and decentralization of power to the community to ensure the stable and healthy development of the entire ecology.

Website: https://polkacast.network

Telegram: https://t.me/polkacast

Twitter: https://twitter.com/polkacast

Github: https://github.com/polkacast

White paper: https://github.com/polkacast/docs/blob/main/Polkacast-white-paper-1.1.pdf

The Decentralization Podcasts Protocol & Ep NFT for Creators.